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Communications: Wireless Access Points Whip Up Data-Transfer Rates

Based on the Atheros Super AG and Super G enabled chip sets, a new line of wireless local-area network (WLAN) access points boosts the speed of data transfers via frame bursting, wireless network optimization, and real-time compression. The chip sets support link rates of up to 54 Mbits/s for users in Japan, with typical end-user throughput of about 40 Mbits/s. In dynamic turbo mode, the chips enable up to 108-Mbit/s link rates and end-user throughputs over 60 Mbits/s. Products based on the chip sets include the AirPort HG WN-APG/A IEEE802.11a+g access point; the HG WN-AG/A and -AG/C IEEE802.11a/g access point and Ethernet converter, respectively; and the WN-G54/A and -G54/C IEEE802.11g access point and Ethernet converter, respectively. The WN-APG/A lists for about $240, the WN-AG/A for $164, the WN-AG/C for $145, and the G54/C for $92.

IO Data Device Inc.

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