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Communications: Wireless LAN Chip Set Lets Smart Antenna System Boost Throughput

The RT2600 chip set for 802.11b/g wireless local-area network (LAN) applications incorporates a smart-antenna architecture dubbed MIMO XR. The set includes the company's Packet-Overdrive technology, which combines Packet Burst, Block ACK, and Frame Aggregation for up to 35-Mbit/s throughput without resorting to channel bonding. (Bonding would decrease the number of available channels and increase interference.) Range Overdrive, another scheme included on the chip set, incorporates smart-antenna technology in the receive chain and antenna diversity in the transmit chain to maintain high data rates over longer distances. The set's security engine can handle WPA/WPA2 as well as CCX 1.0/2.0/3.0 standards, ensuring secure transfers of wireless data. On-chip interfaces support miniPCI, Cardbus, and PCI host buses. For volume pricing, contact the company.

Ralink Technology Corp.

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