Electronic Design

Compact Laser Sets Benchmarks

A successful group effort, QD Laser Inc., the Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, the University of Tokyo, and Fujitsu Laboratories unveil what they describe as a high-power 532-nm green laser in a compact module with high efficiency and high-speed modulation capability. The module relies on a near-infrared, high-power single-mode laser based on proprietary semiconductor distributed feedback laser technology paired with wavelength-conversion technology to create a high-power module measuring approximately 0.5 cc. An initial prototype delivers a confirmed output greater than 100 mW under continuous wave conditions and achieves a modulation speed greater than 100 MHz. This type of laser will prove to be an asset in a wide range of markets from florescence microscopes and spectral analysis in life science or biomedical applications through precision measurements and nondestructive inspections. QD Laser plans to offer samples of its QLD0593-P50 module with a 50+ mW output power around the second quarter and a prototype of the green laser module will be exhibited at SPIE Photonics West (Booth#5307) from January 24 in San Francisco. FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 866-8608.

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