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Electronic Design

A Comprehensible Guide To Controller Area Network

By Wilfried Voss<br>ISBN:0-9765-5116-0-6

Controller area networks (CAN) are finding their way into more embedded control systems, in addition to vehicles where it has enjoyed a great deal of success. CAN controllers are found in most 8-, 16- and many 32-bit microcontrollers but few know how they work. If you need a crash course in CAN then this is the book for you. Voss provides plenty of timing diagrams, logic tables, schematics and images that make understanding CAN and its basics a snap. Sprinkled throughout are useful notes and tips (Hear ye, hear ye’s). All these combine for a quick read as well as making the book a quick reference. The book is from a logical system perspective rather than taking a specific microcontroller as an example. This means you don’t have to worry about specific implementation details, limitations or advantages. This is one book I keep within reach on the shelf because most CAN-based microcontrollers rarely have documentation at this level—which is indispensable when dealing with CAN multiple platforms.

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