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Configurable 4G LTE Router Eyes Industrial M2M Comm

Configurable 4G LTE Router Eyes Industrial M2M Comm

Built for industrial applications, the 4G LTE LR77 v2 cellular router from Conel exploits the fast data-transfer speeds (up to 100-Mbit/s download; 50-Mbit/s upload) of the LTE cellular network. The router wirelessly connects M2M equipment to the Internet or intranet via several custom-configurable interface options: Port 1 can be 10/100 Ethernet, serial RS-232/-485/-422/MBus, or I/O; port 2 can be serial RS-232/-485/-422/MBus or I/O. An optional port-expansion board makes it possible to add three 10/100 Ethernet ports. In addition to an Ethernet 10/100 port, one USB host port, one digital I/O port, and one SIM card come standard  A dual SIM card option provides redundancy if one network fails, and enables users to proactively manage data-plan expenses between wireless carriers. Four different profiles/configurations can be created in one router. Thus, users can switch between operating profiles, either remotely via SMS or locally via I/O, to perform tasks such as diagnostics or alternative network configurations. DIN-rail mounts, automatic firmware updates allowing for simultaneous mass configuration of many routers, and an operating temperature range of ‒30 to 60°C suit the router for harsh environments.

CONEL (a subsidiary of B&B ELECTRONICS LTD.)

TAGS: LTE Products 4G IoT
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