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Controller Chip Family Eyes Next Generation Routers

The new Horizon family of LAN/WAN communication controllers are designed to be used in next-generation multi-service edge routers and remote access equipment that merge the functions of LAN-to-WAN routers, voice-over-IP gateways, network security equipment, and remote access servers. These "router-on-a chip" devices can be used to connect LANs to the Internet using everything from ISDN to T3/E3 to xDSL. At the same time, the manufacturer says that this chip family can deliver the performance required by applications like virtual private networks, firewalls, and voice-over-IP. The first two products in this family are the GT-96100 and GT-96101. The GT-96100 includes a System Controller Unit, a WAN Packet Processor, and a LAN Interface Unit. The GT-96101 is similar to the GT-96100, but eliminates the CPU interface. The GT-96101 can also be used to increase the number of WAN ports in systems such as DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs). The GT-96100 costs $119.50 each/10,000 and the GT-96101 is priced at $98.

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