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Controller Provides 40X Faster USB Connections

Reported as providing 40X faster USB connections, the KL5KUSB221 controller allows an easy interface between 100 BaseT Ethernet and the USB 2.0 specification. Designing the chip into new laptop or mobile equipment devices takes full advantage of 100 BaseT network performance and converts USB 2.0 to Ethernet which is 10X faster than traditional USB-to-Ethernet controllers based on version USB 1.0/1.1. Its MII physical layer interface allows for low-cost LAN and HAN designs to be incorporated in portable equipment. The IC features a highly integrated 16-bit RISC CPU, mask ROM and RAM buffer, clock generator, Ethernet interface, UART, IRQ, watchdog timer, serial interface and external memory and SPORT interfaces. Housed in a 100-pin QFP package, the chip is priced at $11 each/1,000.

TAGS: Mobile
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