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Controllerless ADSL Modem ICs Eliminate A CPU And Memory

Designers of ADSL modems for desktop PCs can eliminate a microprocessor and associated memory by using the Apollo 2 chipset. The set, which is compatible with the ANSI T1.413 standard, achieves downstream transfer rates of 6 Mbps and upstream transfer rates of 640 kbps. The chipset includes the I90188 PCI controller, I90135 digital DMT modem/ATM framer, and I80134 analog chip. The set offers a standard AC Link interface for making connections to third party V.90 host modem chips.In operation, the host PC communicates through a standard PCI bus to the PCI controller. That chip converts data to the ATM Forum Utopia Interface Specification and passes the data to the framer IC, which modulates the data into ATM framing protocol and passes it to the analog IC for filtering and conversion from digital to analog.


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