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Crosspoint Switches Process Up To 3 Gbps Using 2.5V Supply

Meeting OC-192 SONET/SDH jitter specs and based on a non-blocking switch architecture, the SY55854U single 2x2 CML crosspoint switch dissipates only 44 mA of power, reportedly 60% less than competitive devices. The IC can also operate at up to 3 Gbps from supplies ranging from as low as 2.3V up to 5.7V. And output channel-to-channel skew for the new crosspoint switch is guaranteed to be less than 15 ps over temperature (-40°C to +85°C) and voltage. Two dual 2x2 CML crosspoint switches are also available for use where redundant switchover and fault tolerant performance is required. The 3-Gbps SY55858U includes a flexible, 3-pin input stage, with access to the center-point of the switch’s input termination resistors allowing a simple interface to dc- or ac-coupled CML and LVPECL signals without the need for level shifting resistor networks in the signal path. The second device, the SY55859L, is a 3.3V, 2.7-Gbps switch that dissipates less than 627 mW over temperature with all outputs enabled. And its output stage is designed to provide greater drive and swing, resulting in a reduced BER with a wider, more open eye pattern. Th single 2x2 crosspoint switch comes in a 16-pin QSOP (4 mm x 5 mm) package and has a starting price of $13.85 each/1,000, while the duals are housed in a 32-pin EPAD-TQFP package and have a starting price of $17.11. For more details, contact Steve Pratt at MICREL SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 914-7709.


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