Electronic Design

Demodulator Enhances Receiver Performance

The LTC5585 direct conversion I/Q demodulator specifies a linearity performance of IIP3 = 25.7 dBm and IIP2 = 60dBm at 1.95 GHz. It is capable of a baseband output demodulation bandwidth of over 530 MHz, which can support wideband LTE multimode and digital pre-distortion receivers’ bandwidth requirements. The demodulator operates over a wide frequency range from 700 MHz to 3 GHz. The device provides two built-in calibration features. One is advanced circuitry that enables the system designer to optimize the receiver’s IIP2 performance, increasing from a nominal 60 dBm to 80 dBm or higher. The other is on-chip circuitry to null out the DC offset voltages at the I and Q outputs. Both serve to enhance receiver performance. The LTC5585 is priced starting at $5.98 each/1,000. LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (800) 454-6327.

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