Electronic Design

Development Kits Speed Wireless Apps To Market

Promising speedier development cycle, the three latest iDigi development kits employ the company’s iDigi platform, a platform as a service that reportedly makes it fast, easy, and inexpensive to develop wireless applications. Optimized for green applications, the kits include all of the hardware, hosted software, and services necessary to develop a sustainable application. Users have access to iDigi's free sandbox development environment and hosted software via a web-services interface. Kits include the X4 Starter Kit ZB, Wi-9P Starter Kit ZB, and the BL4S100 Add-on Kit ZB. The iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB includes hardware and software to configure a ZigBee network through the iDigi platform while the iDigi Wi-9P Starter Kit ZB packs all the tools necessary to develop wireless embedded applications on an ARM9 processor. The BL4S100 Add-on Kit ZB is an add-on kit to the iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB that includes components to add wireless embedded control to a ZigBee network through the iDigi platform. For more details, call DIGI INTERNATIONAL, Minnetonka, MN. (877) 912-3444 and/or visit http://www.idigi.com.


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