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Device Server Debuts With SDK Support

Device Server Debuts With SDK Support

Simultaneously with Lantronix’s unveiling of its next-generation Linux-based wireless device server, PremierWave EN, Timesys offers a supporting software development kit (SDK) that provides users with a variety of development toolsets and packages to complete specific project requirements.

PremierWave EN allows users to easily add Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking to any device while enabling secure, high-quality wireless connectivity. The software includes Lantronix applications such as Virtual IP (VIP) Access, Tunneling Application, Secure Tunneling Application, Configuration Manager, XML configuration, Web-based Configuration Manager, system level and diagnostic utilities, and Ethernet-to-Wireless LAN bridging.

The Timesys SDK features LinuxLink, an embedded Linux software development framework providing a complete, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for teams of all sizes. With it, designers can quickly assemble and boot an initial embedded Linux image on a PremierWave EN development kit, according to Timesys.

Also, LinuxLink enables designers to patch, configure, rebuild, and update a custom Linux platform on a desktop with a properly installed and configured development environment. Designers can debug and tune the platform with common open-source development tools and development libraries and utilities. And, they can use LinuxLink to obtain help with common development tasks via technical assistance and a rich library of “how to” documentation, Timesys says.



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