Electronic Design

DFN-Packaged LIN Transceivers Enable Smaller Designs

Atmel joins the save-space race with two stand-alone LIN transceiver ICs in DFN packages. The ATA6670 in a DFN14 package measures at 3 mm x 4.5 mm while the ATA6663 in a DFN8 package measures at 3mm x 3mm. Both are pin-compatible. Allegedly, these are also the first LIN DFN packages with wettable flanks that make solder joints visible. This enables the use of automated optical inspection tools during final quality tests. Pricing starts at $0.45 (ATA6663) and $0.90 (ATA6670) each/10,000. ATMEL CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 441-0311.

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