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Digital Switching Chips Process Thousands Of Channels In Multi-Service WAN Equipment

Offering a flexible TDM architecture with four modes of switching, these devices allow designers to process thousands of voice/data channels in multi-service, WAN access equipment. The chips are optimized for use in high-bandwidth TDM switching, including central office switches, digital loop carriers, mediation switches, access concentrators, media gateways and wireless base station controllers. The four-mode switching matrix includes backplane to local, local to backplane, local to local and backplane to backplane, at speeds ranging from two- to 32 Mb/s. The MT90868 TDM blocking switch provides timeslot interchange capacity of 32,768 x 8,192 channels between backplane and local streams. The MT90869 F16kDX offers 16,384 x 16,384 channel unidirectional capacity and also functions as a dual non-blocking switch with a capacity of 8,192 x 8,192 channels from backplane to local and local to backplane streams. The MT90870 F12kDX offers 12,288 x 12,288 channels switching capacity and can be used as a blocking switch with a capacity of 8,192 x 4,096 channels. The MT90868 is in production, priced at $210 each/1,000 and packaged in a 466-ball PGBA. The MT90869 and MT90870 are now sampling. The MT90869 sells for $105 each/1,000 and is housed in a 272-ball PBGA. The MT90870 is priced at $84 each/1,000 and uses a 272-ball PBGA. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 270-7115.


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