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Direct Conversion Modulator Chip Offers High-Linearity

The RF2484 direct quadrature modulator IC is designed to address the needs of infrastructure manufacturers. The chip creates direct modulation for W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM-EDGE/EGSM and TDMA/TDMA-EDGE base stations. The RF2484 exhibits carrier and sideband suppression, typically greater than 35 dBc over temperature, while exceeding system specifications for ACPR, making it ideal for use in dual band CDMA and W-CDMA base station equipment. Noise floor performance is typically noted as being better than -152 dBc/Hz in both bands. The device is specified for use with a 5V power supply. Manufactured using GaAs HBT technology, the RF2484 direct conversion modulator IC is offered in a small, MLF-16 plastic package priced at $5.17 each/10,000.


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