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Double-Ridged Guide Horn Antenna Useful To 18 GHz

When engineers perform electromagnetic-compatibility testing of microwave equipment, they can take advantage of the BHA9118 double-ridged horn antenna. It features linear polarization and offers 5.5- to 15-dBi gain, depending upon the frequency. The field strength capability at one meter is 250 V/meter. A standard N-type coax connector is provided for low-voltage standing-wave ratio and high-voltage handling. The antenna mounts on a standard tripod, which uses a standard quarter-inch camera thread hole. Position can be horizontal, vertical, or at a 45° angle. The BHA9118 meets all relevant ANSI, FCC, IEC, IEEE, IL, and SAE standards. Price is $3200.

Schaffner EMC Inc.
(732) 225-9533

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