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Downconvert Mixers Compliment Low Noise Amps

Designed to work with the company's low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), a companion pair of RFIC/CDMA downconvert mixers, the TQ5132 and TQ5633, provide tri-mode operation in the 800- and 1,900-MHz bands when used as a pair. The TQ5132 RFA/mixer is designed specifically for cellular band, CDMA/AMPS receive applications. The TQ5633 targets PCS-band CDMA receive applications and meets the requirements of both IS-95 and AMPS standards. Both devices incorporate on-chip switches with various operational modes. A three-state switch on the TQ5132 selects CDMA with gain steps or AMPS mode. The TQ5633 uses a two-state switch to select either a CDMA high- or low-gain mode. The PCS band unit in the TQ5633 uses a balanced mixer that allows IF operation at 110 MHz and achieves 0.5 IF rejection. The CDMA/AMPS band unit in the TQ5132 has an IF output range of 85 to 130 MHz. Both devices include internal, RF port matching to 50 ohms and are available in SOT23-8 packages. Pricing for either device is $1.09 each/1,000 with delivery from stock.


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