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DSL Driver Enables Higher Port Density For DSLAMs

The new EL1507C is a very low-power line driver for high-density central office and digital loop carrier discrete multitone (DMT) ADSL applications. Proprietary circuitry achieves a 10% lower power dissipation than any other competitive DSL line driver in use today, according to the company. The driver uses a very large output swing and up to 360 mA output drive capability, while consuming only 7 mA per amplifier supply current. It also incorporates two control pins to further reduce the quiescent power while maintaining better than -75 dBm THD performance at 1 MHz. A class A/B amplifier, the EL1507C requires fewer external components than other solutions, as well as only two supply rails. The part is available in either a narrow-body 16-pin thermal SOIC or the tiny 4 mm x 4 mm leadless plastic package option, which is the smallest footprint available for any driver required in high-density DSLAM line card designs. Pricing is $4.29 each/$1,000. ELANTEC SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Milpitas, CA. (408) 945-1323.


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