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Dual-Band Amplifier/Mixer Integrates Frequency Doubler

The RF2475 low-noise amplifier/mixer is a full featured dual-band receiver that includes two LNAs and associated down converting mixers, a frequency doubler, and dual transmit low-output buffers. The RF2475 maintains 25 dB of cascaded gain and a 2.2 dB cascaded noise figure for the cellular band and a 26 dB cascaded gain and 2.8 dB cascaded noise figure for the PCS band. Each LNA has a gain-bypass mode controlled by the gain select pin increasing the receiver's dynamic range. The two mixer outputs are tied together internally, providing an interface to a single IF SAW filter. The cellular band low signal feeds the cellular mixer, the frequency doubler and the cellular transmit output buffer. The device is manufactured using an advanced GaAs HBT process and is offered in an industry-standard, 5 mm x 5 mm 28-pin leadless plastic package. Price: $2.20 each/100,000.


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