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Dual-Band Receiver Packs Local Oscillator Divider

The MAX2338 dual-band cellular phone receiver is designed for cdmaOne, cdma2000, CDMA 1X, and CDMA 1XEV applications. It can also be used for TDMA, EDGE, and UMTS applications. The MAX2338 meets CDMA linearity noise and linearity requirements and includes a low-noise local oscillator divider. The on-chip LO divider eliminates one VCO module. The SiGe receiver contains all functional blocks needed for a dual-band receive front end. In addition, it contains the LO divider and dual LO buffer amplifiers to drive the transmitter. The dual-gain cellular low-noise amplifier has +12 dBm IIP3 and 15.7 dB gain with a noise figure of only 1.4 dB. The PCS LNA has 7.7 dBm IIP3, 15.3 dB gain, and 1.4 dB noise figure. The CDMA mixers have over 13 dB gain, over 5 dBm IIP3, and less than 8 dB noise figure. The MAX2338 meets all IS-95A and IS-95B specifications and comes in a 28-pin, 5 mm x 5 mm leadless QFN package having a starting price of $3.51 each/1,000.


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