Dual-Mode Port Processor Brings MHL To Major DTV Line

Sony’s 2013 BRAVIA digital TVs will now incorporate MHL/HDMI dual-mode connectivity products, including a port processor, all of which come by way of Silicon Image. With mobile high-definition link (MHL) technology, TVs and monitors can receive up to 60 frames/s of uncompressed 1080p video with up to eight channels of digital audio from mobile devices—all while charging the device. Mobile devices can use MHL to transmit high-definition games, Blu-ray quality video, and digital audio to a TV. Or they can use the technology to function as a laptop replacement with applications such as word processors and spreadsheets when connected to high-resolution monitors. MHL-enabled mobile devices can be controlled with an existing TV remote or traditional keyboard and mouse. More than 330 million products have integrated MHL technology since its introduction two years ago.


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