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Dual-Mode WLAN ICs Support Both 802.11a And 802.11b

Integrated in the recently developed Mercury5G two-chip set is reportedly all the circuitry needed to build dual standard wireless local area networks (WLANs). The CMOS chipset is designed to let client interface products, such as portable PCs, PDAs and various networking equipment, connect to and interoperate with both existing 11-Mb/s WiFi 802.11b networks that operate at 2.4 GHz and emerging IEEE 802.11a 54-Mb/s networks that run at speeds of 5 GHz. The ICs are said to permit the products to dynamically monitor and switch between 802.11a and 802.11b without loss of connectivity and to select whichever access point provides optimum service.The WLAN chipset consists of the SYRF8100 Mercury5G direct conversion (zero IF) dual-band radio IC and the SYBB8200 Mercury5G modem/MAC IC. The radio IC reportedly eliminates the need for expensive external components associated with other designs, while the enhanced functionality of the MAC is said to be critical to the future of enterprise-class wireless networks. The SYRF8100 RF chipÕs synthesizer supplies the local oscillator inputs for both Rx and Tx paths for both bands. In addition, the chipset also provides powerful security features and advanced spectrum management functions. The set costs $32 each/10,000, with sampling to begin in Q2. For more details, contact SYNAD TECHNOLOGIES LTD., Reading, U.K., 44 118 913 1500


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