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Electronic Design UPDATE: April 18, 2007

Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | April 18, 2007

Learn Best Practices in Test at the 2007 Automated Test Summit

Learn best practices and proven strategies for designing flexible and efficient test systems at the 2007 Automated Test Summit. This 4th annual event, hosted by National Instruments, moves online this year to provide you a convenient way to access the latest technical information on automated test system design.

Access session overviews and register for this complimentary event.


Today's Table of Contents:

  • Feature Story: Wi-Fi Alliance Blesses First Easy-Setup WLAN Security Products
  • Industry View: Multithreading: It’s Not New!
  • Focus On Test & Measurement: Free Application Adds True-Mode Stimulus To Network Analyzers
  • Now on electronicdesign.com: Engineering TV Episode 30: Virtual Combat
  • News From The Editors:
    Small 5-W DC-DC Converters Suit Battery-Powered Applications
    HDD Pre-Amp Delivers Blazing 2.5-Gbit/s Operating Speed
    Buffer IC Uses Analog Techniques To Extend Two-Wire Buses
    Shortwave Infrared Camera Offers High Sensitivity In Low Light Levels

Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Christine Hintze, Associate Editor

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feature story |

Wi-Fi Alliance Blesses First Easy-Setup WLAN Security Products
By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor

The Wi-Fi Alliance is introducing a new program to certify products that use the group’s setup and configuration program for security-enabled devices.

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industry view |

Multithreading: It’s Not New!
By Robert BK Dewar, President & CEO, AdaCore

The widespread introduction of multicore architectures, most notably the Core 2 Duo from Intel, means that to take advantage of modern processors we must write multithreaded applications that can do more than one thing at a time, and hence take advantage of the increase in processing power.

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focus on test & measurement |

Free Application Adds True-Mode Stimulus To Network Analyzers

Agilent Technology adds the True-Mode Stimulus Application at no charge for its PNA series of vector network analyzers. True-mode capability allows devices to be tested under real-world conditions and using imbalanced stimuli.

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12.5 Gbps High-Density Mezzanine Solution

FREE Design Kit for high-speed mezzanine applications.
NexLev® from Amphenol TCS is known for performance and reliability. Now NeXLev features an enhanced BGA attachment for improved SMT process yields with 125 micron co-planarity for uniform solder joint formation and hassle-free manufacturability. Click here to request a free design kit including: drawings, footprints, S.I. reports and more.

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now on electronicdesign.com |

Engineering TV Episode 30: Virtual Combat

Quantum 3D is taking the battlefield and making it virtual through tactical visual computers and wireless, wearable, and immersive equipment. Entire squads can train over and over on a mission and make their mistakes in cyberspace before actually mobilizing...

To see the video, visit engineeringtv.com and click on Episode 30.


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news from the editors |

Small 5-W DC-DC Converters Suit Battery-Powered Applications

The series TES-5 dc-dc converters from PowerGate LLC are housed in tiny 1.3- by 0.81- by 0.40-in. surface-mount packages. The 5-W family comprises 21 models that can handle a wide range of inputs and outputs.

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HDD Pre-Amp Delivers Blazing 2.5-Gbit/s Operating Speed

Agere Systems is now sampling its TrueStore PA7800 pre-amplifier IC, which brings its fast operating speed of 2.5 Gbits/s and lower power consumption to the new generation of hard-disk-drive heads.

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Buffer IC Uses Analog Techniques To Extend Two-Wire Buses

Now in full production, the IES5501 two-wire bus buffer IC from Hendon Semiconductors is designed for extending and expanding I²C, SMBus, PMBus, IPMB, and similar two-wire bus systems.

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Shortwave Infrared Camera Offers High Sensitivity In Low Light Levels

Supplied in a small, lightweight OEM module, the SU640KTSX-1.7RT shortwave infrared camera from Sensors Unlimited Inc. delivers clear, real-time video imaging in lighting conditions ranging from starlight to direct sunlight.

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Keithley’s Simplified Test Toolkit CD

Keithley’s Simplified Test Toolkit CD gives you valuable insights into test and measurement techniques for Electronic Componets, Nanoelectronics, RF/Wireless and Semiconductor applications. Each CD comes with application notes, white papers, selector guides, data sheets and other literature designed to help you choose the simplest, most cost-effective solutions.

Request your free CD by calling 1-800-588-9238 or visit


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quick poll |

In "Where Is The Universal Device Driver?," Embedded Editor Bill Wong says there are two ways to get to a "unified" device driver. Which approach do you favor?
  • Make different hardware look identical to the driver
  • Parameterize the driver so supporting hardware means simply adding a table
  • Neither

Let your voice be heard. Vote now on www.electronicdesign.com. The Quick Poll is located at the bottom of the page, so don't forget to scroll down!

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product picks online |

Software Creates Seamless Process, From CAD To Machine
Adaptor Shows All LXI Trigger Bus Channels On One Scope Display
Reference Design Platform Adds TV To Mobile Handsets
Code Editor Upgraded With New Features
10/15-W Supplies Are Compact, Inexpensive

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upcoming industry events |

5th International Basestation Conference
April 24-27, 2007
Bath, U.K.

Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI'07)
May 9-11, 2007
Porto Allegre, Brazil

Wireless Communications Association (WCA 2007)
June 11-14, 2007
Washington, D.C.

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