Wireless Systems Design

Enhanced Indoor WLAN Solution Is Deployed

A new coverage solution has a major goal: to extend wireless-cellular coverage within either a single building or a multiple-building campus environment. For those environments, this means fewer interrupted or dropped calls. In addition, the Digivance product family plans to enhance cellular carriers' wireless-network flexibility while enabling them to introduce improved wireless services to customers.

As opposed to other distributed-antenna systems, the Digivance Indoor Coverage Solution (ICS) distributes wireless coverage digitally over optical fiber. This approach greatly improves signal quality, flexibility, and overall performance. The Digivance ICS system consists of a Digital Host Unit (DHU), optional Digital Expansion Units (DEUs), and Digital Remote Units (DRUs). Digital Expansion Units can be daisy chained without affecting system performance.

Each DHU and DEU is configurable with up to six single-mode or multi-mode optical transceivers. This method capitalizes on the use of existing installed fiber within a building or campus environment. As requirements change and future growth is needed, additional transceivers and DRUs can be easily installed on site. This modular approach provides optimum design flexibility while reducing the initial cost of an indoor wireless solution. It also delays further investment until it is justified by growth.

The Digivance product family offers point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions for most coverage situations. It provides service in applications like office buildings, campus environments, hospitals, stadiums, convention centers, shopping malls, and tunnels. Various modulation technologies are supported via the universal air interface. For pricing and availability, contact the company directly.

13625 Technology Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344; (952) 938-8080, FAX: (925) 917-1717, www.adc.com.

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