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Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers Enter High-Volume Production

Power amplifiers and power management ICs incorporating envelope tracking technology, significantly enhance power efficiency in LTE platforms, resulting in enhanced battery life, increased network coverage and higher data rate throughput.

RFMD has commenced high-volume production of multiple new power amplifiers and power management ICs that incorporate their unique envelope tracking technology, which significantly enhances power efficiency in new LTE platforms, and results in enhanced battery life across all modes and bands, increased network coverage and higher data rate throughput. Unlike traditional power amplifiers that operate with a constant supply voltage, the supply voltage applied to ET-enabled amplifiers is continuously adjusted so that it operates at maximum power efficiency. The result is much lower battery power consumption, up to 25% current in the latest LTE platforms. The company’s expanding ET product portfolio provides full envelope tracking compatible coverage of all FD-LTE and TD-LTE bands (1-14, 17-21, 25-28, 38, 40, 41 and 44), and includes its RF7389 and RF8085 multimode, multi-band power amplifiers, the RF80xx(i) family of 10 single-band satellite power amplifiers, and its RF8081 ET power management IC.


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