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Ethernet Alliance Gains Support

The 10-Gbit Ethernet Alliance (10GEA) has gained more support with the joining of Alactritech Inc., San Jose, Calif., a leading manufacturer of network processors. Alactritech has developed a session-layer interface card (SLIC) technology with scalability that reaches gigabit data rates and beyond. This technology will help shape the 10GEA's position as an advocate for the 10-Gbit Ethernet standard.

SLIC technology is key to delivering 10-Gbit Ethernet performance. It will aid in consolidating the IEEE 802.3ae committee's stand on the Ethernet frame format, including a maximum frame size of 1500 bytes.

The 10GEA was organized to facilitate and accelerate the introduction of 10-Gbit Ethernet into the networking market. Targets include local-, metropolitan-, and wide-area networks (LANs, MANs, and WANs). Among the group's members are networking companies like 3Com, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Intel, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, and World Wide Packets. More information about 10GEA can be obtained by visiting its web site at www.10gea.org.

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