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ETSI-Compliant UHF Module Enables Cost-Effective RFID Implementation

SkyeTek recently released what it bills as the world’s smallest European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)-compliant UHF module.

The SkyModule M9 is a multi-protocol-capable OEM module that reads and writes to transponders based on ECP, and ISO 18000-6 air interface protocols covering 862 to 955 MHz. The module, which is about half the size of a standard business card, is designed for embedded UHF applications such as item-level inventory, handheld reading/encoding, and printing.

The RF output power of the M9 is software adjustable from 15mW to 500mW. Operating from 3.3V to 5.0V, the M9’s power management intelligence allows current to be set as low as 100 _A (sleep mode), making it appropriate for use in battery-operated devices. Host interface options, which are set by system parameter to provide communication with a variety of systems, include USB, UART (TTL), and SPI. Software adjustable baud rates for asynchronous communication range from 4800 to 115200 bits/s.

The M9 has 50 _ matched external antenna connector for connection to off-the-shelf or expressly designed application-specific antennas. Digital control of the MX9 antenna multiplexer is made possible by 3 lines with 2 additional GPIO lines for control of peripheral devices.

Field-upgradeable firmware provides forward compatibility for adding future tag protocols. The SkyModule M9 is priced at $199 per module or $59 per ReaderWare license.

For more information about the SkyModule M9, visit www.skyetek.comwww.skyetek.com

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