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Eye-Safe Laser Diodes Deliver High Peak Power

Ready for military and industrial applications, the HPD Series 2400 1,550-nm, eye-safe laser diodes provide high peak power in distance-measurement applications. The lasers are available in source sizes of 150 µm and 380 µm and operate at pulse widths of less than 200 ns with duty cycles to 0.1%. Both single diodes and stacked arrays are available. In terms of power, a 4-chip vertical array will deliver an output power to 48W. The series includes the single-diode HPD2410 at 5W and HPD2424 at 12W, and the vertical-stack HPD2410-2S at 10W, HPD2424-2S at 24W, and the HPD2424-4S at 48W. Single-unit price for the HPD Series 2400 laser diodes starts at $255. INTENSE - HPD, North Brunswick, NJ. (732) 249-2228.

Company: INTENSE - HPD

Product URL: Click here for more information

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