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Fanless Internet-Of-Things Platform Ruggedized For Harsh Envirnoments

Fanless Internet-Of-Things Platform Ruggedized For Harsh Envirnoments

Designed around the mini VIA EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX board, VIA Technologies’ ruggedized VIA AMOS-3003 embedded Internet of Things (IoT) system brings a range of connectivity and 64-bit computing to harsh environments. The platform leverages the 1.2-GHz VIA Nano X2 E-Series dual-core processor and VIA VX11H media system processor (MSP) to deliver dual Gigabit Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G networking with Dual SIM card support. Extendable I/O options to connect peripheral devices and Wake On LAN (WOL) plus pre-boot execution environment (PXE) support can create remotely managed IoT devices for most environments. An mSATA module or standard 2.5-in. SATA hard-disk-/solid-state-disk drive provides storage, while the system supports up to 8 Gbytes of DDR3-1333 memory. Rear I/O includes one HDMI port, one VGA port, two ports each of USB 3.0 and 2.0, two GLAN ports, and line-in/out/mic-in. Left-side I/O includes three COM ports and one 9-pin D-Sub connector for 8-bit GPIO, while front-panel I/O offers four antenna holes. For on-board I/O, there’s one mSATA connector, one SATA connector, two SIM slots, and two Mini-PCIe slots.


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