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Fast Ethernet Controller Serves Embedded Systems

Targeted at cost-sensitive embedded applications, the QQ80C200 Fast Ethernet media access controller is a feature-rich IC for control of Ethernet ports in print servers, multiport bridges and routers, uplinks, network PCs, cable modems, and more. It includes features such as 22 management counters with complete error, packet and event-related coverage, a user-programmable Inter-Packet Gap to accommodate special system speed requirements, and selectable Little Endian/Big Endian Tx byte ordering, which provides full compatibility with either Motorola or Intel CPU-based systems.The chip also includes an MI management interface and an MII interface, which are fully compatible with standard 10/100-Mbps physical-layer transceivers. The data bus can be configured for 16- or 32-bit-wide data paths.


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TAGS: Intel
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