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Fast Ethernet Switches Find Homes In SOHO

The link street fast ethernet QoS (quality-of-service) switches are designed for networking products that address the small-office home-office (SOHO) market. These include standalone switches, media converters, Internet-protocol phones, firewall appliances, wireless and wired gateway routers, and wireless access points.

Crafted by Marvell Semiconductor, these eight-, nine-, and 10-port switches are based upon the company's switch and physical-layer technology. Their smart-power management reduces power consumption by more than 50%. Also, their Virtual Cable Tester (VCT) technology performs cable diagnostics to reduce overall network support costs.

The Link Street 88E6080 contains eight integrated Fast Ethernet transceivers and two media-independent interface (MII) ports. Link Street 88E6083 is similar, but it also implements QoS with four traffic-class queues to handle time-critical and multimedia traffic as well as advanced security features like IEEE 802.1Q VLAN for layer 2 firewall protection. The smart-power feature powers down idle ports and unused blocks of logic.

The 88E6080-I and 88E6083-I perform the same functions but are optimized for harsh environments in factories, plants, and non-environmentally controlled spaces like basements, warehouses, and outdoor communications pedestals. They can operate from −40°C to 85°C.

The 88E6080 and 88E6083 commercial versions are available now. Industrial (I) versions will begin sampling this month. Also on its way, the 88E6183 10-port Gigabit Ethernet QoS switch includes layer 2 security functions based upon the media-access control authentication protocol IEEE 802.1x. It works with IPv4 and IPv6 and supports QoS packet classification (IEEE 802.1p) with four priority queues.

Marvell Semiconductor Inc.
www.marvell.com (408) 222-2500

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