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Fast, Low-Power Ethernet PHY Offers Four MII Ports

Offering four independent Media Independent Interface (MII) ports for switch applications and shared hubs, these PHY (physical protocol) devices are for 100FX/TX Fast Ethernet. The low-power, low-latency devices interface with fiber or copper physical medium dependent (PMD) applications and work beyond 130 meters in conjunction with other copper PMD devices. P12C6040 100FX/TX Fast Ethernet PHY offers four independent ports that can be used by switch or repeater controllers and has an option for bypassing 4b/5b encoding/decoding that lets it work with repeater controllers having 5-bit symbol interfaces. P12C6050 uses four-port internal multiplexing to reduce the number of pins needed to interface to the repeater controller, which eliminates the need for an external buffer.


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