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FEC Family Claims To Be Most Complete

Claiming to be the most complete family of forward error correction (FEC) devices on the market, the VSC9273, 9271 and 9211 promise transparent error detection and correction techniques. Designed for OC-192 networks, the VSC9273 uses a proprietary coding technique that provides high-performance coding gain while requiring low overhead. For the metro market, the VCS9271 operates at OC-192/48 rates and the VSC9211 operates at OC-48 rates and below. The VSC9273 is available in a 480-pin BGA and priced at $1,45 for sample quantities. The VSC9271 comes in a 552-pin CBGA priced at $974 in sample quantities. And the VSC9211 is offered in a 552-pin CBGA, priced at $920, also in sample quantities. VITESSE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Camarillo, CA. (800) 818-3773.


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