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Femtocell SoC Enables Smaller 3G Basestations

Femtocell SoC Enables Smaller 3G Basestations

A next generation picoXcell, the PC3008 femtocell SoC targets cost-sensitive consumer apps. Apparently somewhat of a feat, the 12-mm square device forecasts significantly smaller 3G basestations. It supports eight users with Release 7 HSPA+ (21-Mb/s downlink, 5-Mb/s uplink), employs the company’s field-proven PHY, and is manufactured using 40-nm process technology. Other features include a 900-MHz ARM11 processor with TrustZone to enhance security functions and reduce external component count. Expect samples in the third quarter. PICOCHIP INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 467-3866.

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