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Fiber-Optic Sensor Quickly And Accurately Counts Small Objects

High-performance counting of small objects, such as pills and seeds, is the domain of the D10 Expert Small Object Counter, which consists of a specialized D10 Expert sensor paired with preconfigured PFVCA fiber-optic arrays. The combination creates a two-dimensional sensing field in which objects are readily detected upon breaking any point of the array. This arrangement makes alignment easier and object positioning control less critical than with traditional, single-point emitter and receiver fiber optic assemblies—assuring reliable, consistent small object counting with response times as fast as 150 µs. A feature called the Dynamic Event Stretcher (DES) prevents double-counting of translucent gel caps and similar small objects, which may fool alternative sensing systems. Another feature, called automatic compensation, allows the sensor to adapt the switching threshold to its environment in real time. Small changes due to dust or contamination on the fiber optic array or small changes caused by ambient temperature shifts are filtered out by the microcontroller, providing consistent, repeatable results. Finally, a health-mode alarm monitors the sensor’s performance and alerts operators when preventative maintenance should be scheduled to ensure continuous, reliable operation. BANNER ENGINEERING CORP., Minneapolis, MN. (888) 373-6767 or 001 763-544-3164.


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