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FM/FSK Transceiver Supports Unique Architecture

The NT2903 has been introduced as the world's first integrated, single-chip FM/FSK transceiver to use a unique, direct-conversion zero-IF architecture. The device offers full-duplex operation in any 26-MHz band from 400 MHz to 1 GHz, on a 2.7- to 3.3-V supply. Dual voltage-controlled oscillators, dual phase-locked loops, reference oscillator, quadrature mixer, baseband filters, AGC, and a tankless discriminator are entirely integrated on-chip. Other features include a direct modulation scheme that can accept either digital or analog signals, tuning via a three-wire interface, and an output power of +1.5 dBm. Available in a TQFP-48, pricing is $4.63 each/100,000.


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