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Forwarding And Classification Co-Processor Draws Less Than 6W

At less than 6W, the SiberCAM Ultra-18 is claimed as the lowest power 18 Mb packet forwarding and classification co-processor in the industry. The device supports complex power management through the company’s software programmable block select technique, which allows users to focus searches on sections of the CAM. The co-processor can perform 66 million searches per second (Msps), and supports entry widths of 72, 144, 288, 360, 432, and 576 bits. The latter word width capabilities address the emerging requirements for IPv6 classification. Up to 16 devices can be cascaded to build tables of over two million 144-bit entries. The SiberCAM architecture includes a unique three-port interface that permits the device to perform route and policy table management without impacting the search process. As a result, the device sustains full-speed 72- and 144-bit look-ups at up to 66 Msps and 288-bit look-ups at up to 50 Msps, while table updates are in progress. Later this year, the company will offer a glueless interface to support network processors including those from Intel, AMCC, Vitesse and Motorola, as well as a ternary CAM daughter card for use with Intel’s new network processor development systems. The SiberCAM Ultra-18M (part number SCT1842) will be sampling to lead customers in Q4 2002. In volume production, the SCT1842 will be priced as low as $250 each/10,000. It will be available in 66-, 83- and 100-MHz speed grades and a 40 mm BGA package. SIBERCORE, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 271-8100.


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