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Four HBT Amps Eye RF And IF Apps

Low noise and high linearity performance over a wide frequency range makes these four new HBT gain block amplifiers suitable for applications in cellular and PCS base-stations, cable systems, direct-to-home satellite systems, and wireless LAN (Bluetooth, WI-FI, 802.11b, HomeRF, HiperLAN2 and 802.11a) systems. The amps are available in industry-standard tape-and-reel packages. The GBH112 provides 13 dB of small signal gain with 8.0 GHz of bandwidth, has a P1 dB of 12.5 dBm at 2.0 GHz and Ip3 of 25 dBm, and is priced at $0.95. The GBH114 operates from DC-6.0 GHz with 15 dB of gain and a 3 dB bandwidth of 6.0 GHz, provides P1 dB of 16 dBm at 2.0 GHz and Ip3 of 31 dBm, and costs $2.35. The GBH120 is designed for DC-4.0 GHz operation with 18 dB small signal gain, offers P1 dB of 18 dBm at 2.0 GHz and 33 dBm of Ip3, and is priced at $2.40. The GBH121 is designed for DC-3.0 GHz operation with 22 dB small signal gain, delivers 12 dBm of P1 dB and 25 dBm Ip3 at 2.0 GHz, and is priced at $1.10. Prices are for 100,000 piece quantities and are subject to change without notice.

Company: ALPHA INDUSTRIES - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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