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Gigabit Router Offers Up To 1.2 Million Square Foot Wireless Coverage

The AS-8800 Router with Power-G wireless technology provides up to 20 times greater power, allowing increased Wi-Fi signal penetration—even through concrete walls. The Power-G also gives users near cable-like throughput (108Mbps) for dead-zone-free wireless internet access up to 1200 feet indoors or up to 3900 feet outdoors.

At the heart of the router is a proprietary high speed 32 bit wireless networking processor necessary for handling large data bursts and sustaining high throughput and real-time applications such as gaming, VoIP and video streaming. For added flexibility, users can take advantage of the AS-8800’s extreme Gigabit wired speeds via 5 auto sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports. A Virtual Server option on the router LAN gives Internet users access to online hosting services such as FTP, Web, and game servers, while the bundled Internet Firewall Security featuring fully configured SPI and AlphaGAP technologies protects from hackers, viruses and worms.

The AS-8800 also supports VPN, providing a secure tunnel over the Internet to connect remote offices or users to their company's network, making each connection secure and indecipherable between the two end points of the network. A default one click configuration setup wizard ensures ease of installation for non-technical users, while still providing network professionals the flexibility to configure the AS-8800 to their unique environment requirements.

For more information, visit alphashield.com/.

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