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Glass-Mount Antenna Handles Hands-Free Assignments

Equipped with a male FME connector, ON-2d/b dual-band glass-mounted antenna is designed for use with hands-free car kits from Ericsson and others. Soldering, crimping or adapters are not required. Designated #927913-940, the antenna yields a nominal 3 dB of gain when operating in a frequency range of 805 to 895 MHz, and a 2 dB gain in the 1850 to 1975 MHz range. It is well-suited for digital PCS phones to improve performance compared to the same phone in a car without an external antenna. The whip radiator is a dual concentric design made of black chrome-plated stainless-steel to resist corrosion and chipping. The dual phasing coils are encapsulated in rugged Kraton for whistle-free operation.

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