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GPON Platform Ready For FTTH Rollout

The adoption of passive optical networks (PONs) is growing as large carriers like AT&T and Verizon implement their video and data plans for consumers. Many smaller local carriers are beginning to offer fiber to the home (FFTH) systems as well. PONs are also being adopted worldwide in Japan, France, and China. While growth is evident, though, PONs haven’t hit the accelerator to faster adoption.

In the meantime, chip vendors are beginning to offer silicon for both the central office optical line terminal (OLT) and the customer premise equipment (CPE) optical networking terminal (ONT). Iamba Networks’ iSN1000 series system-on-a-chip (SoC) targets Gigabit PONs (GPON), which offer up to 2.4 Gbits/s downstream and up to 1 Gbit/s upstream in PONs with up to 64 subscribers per link.

The iSN1000 family of chips is part of the company’s GPON Eco- System or (iGES) solution, which includes ASICs for the OLT plus all the related software. The ONT chips are available in three versions: the iSN1000F for a single-family ONT unit, the iSN1000T for small office/ home office (SOHO) applications, and the iSN1000D for multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

The chips include the GPON serializer/deserializer (SERDES) function. They’re based on a multicore processor module (iMCM) that uses three Nios cores that can deliver up to 540 dryhstone MIPS. Also included, Iamba’s unique, patent-pending Traffic Pump Module (iTPM) delivers wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet on two ports, multiple voice lines, and video channels all supported by comprehensive quality-of-service (QoS) and cost-of-service (CoS) capabilities. The iTPM performs packet classification, virtual local-area network (VLAN) processing, IPTV forwarding, L2 security, and bridging. It also enables full compliance with the most recent features of the WTR-156 standard.

Another major part of the iGES solution is Iamba’s software. The company supplies virtually all of the software you will need for any GPON application. The software consists of GPON MAC support, triple-play services and OMCI, and a highly versatile ONT development system. Other available software includes the iNSC (ONT Control software package), the iNOM (ONT OMCI management software package), and the iNSP (ONT Support Package for external devices). The application layer software packages include iVoIP and the iPTV, providing fully functional solutions for VoIP and IPTV services.

Additionally, full reference designs for the chip are available. The iSN1000 chips are sampling now.

IAMBA NETWORKS INC.www.iamba.com

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