Electronic Design

GPS Antenna Module Positions As World’s Smallest

Including antenna, the UC430 GPS module measures 9.6 mm x 14 mm x 1.95 mm. The device maintains awareness of its location at all times and employs SiRFaware technology including the Adaptive Micropower Controller. This allows the module to autonomously activate itself periodically from stand-by, resulting in a reduction of time to first fix by up to 70%. SiRFaware is able to maintain hot-start readiness with a power consumption of 125 µA average current and less than 10 mW in TricklePower 1 Hz navigation mode. In addition to its chip antenna, the UC430 supports an optional external antenna. Engineering samples will be available in July and volume production is slated for the fourth quarter. Fastrax Ltd., Darien, IL. (630) 910-0539.

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