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GPS Receiver Draws Very Little Current

Claiming to reduce power consumption to one-third that of comparable devices, the PointCharger SE4100 GPS receiver integrates the IF filter, VCO, tank circuitry, and LNA into a 4 mm2 package with a typical current draw of 10 mA from a 2.7V supply. With this high level of integration, the silicon germanium-based device is said to exhibit the industry’s lowest power consumption for a GPS radio. The receiver features an on-chip, switchable gain LNA that delivers a noise figure of 1.3 dB typical and exhibits a quick recovery from either power saving mode or from an RF overload from a local transmitter. The device delivers a digital 4.092 Mhz output and, when paired with standard baseband circuits, an entire system consumes less than 120 mW in continuous operation. In addition, the PointCharger SE4100 is said to be designed to meet the requirements of covert and always-on applications. In these situations, power has to be supplied or backed up from a source separate from the main battery. In aftermarket automotive devices, such as tracking systems or alarms, the power consumption of the GPS radio can be switched off completely or left with just its oscillator running in order to provide the clock pulses for the baseband chip. The device comes in a 24-pin LPCC package that measures 4 mm x 4 mm and is sampling now. Production pricing is $3.50 each/10,000. For further information, contact SIGE SEMICONDUCTOR, Ontario, Canada. (613) 820-9244.


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