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Handsets Experience Multimodal Operation

A breakthrough in mobile multimodal technology may set the stage for the mass-market adoption of simultaneous multimodality operation in wireless handsets. With this technology, subscribers can use voice/visual input and output at the same time on a mass-market mobile-phone device.

Consider this example: While searching to see if a movie of interest is playing in a nearby theater, a subscriber can also speak the name of the city and the movie genre. This would be in contrast to the subscriber trying to type in the information on a 12-key telephone keypad on the SPV device. SPV is a device based on Microsoft's SmartPhone platform. With simultaneous multimodality, the wireless-application experience on the SPV handset is guaranteed to be dramatically richer and easier, stimulating retention and adoption by subscribers.

This mobile multimodal technology is currently being demonstrated. Plans are in the works for commercialization later this year. For more information, contact the company directly.

3 Connell Dr., Suite 1100, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922; (908) 464-4467, FAX: (908) 464-4468, www.kirusa.com.

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