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HCRP Spec Comes To Life


A Bluetooth Hardcopy Replacement Profile (HCRP) for the WindConnect Bluetooth wireless print adapter is now shipping from Troy Wireless. HCRP is the latest printing specification developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. It is designed to standardize and improve the way that documents are printed over a Bluetooth wireless communications link. It provides significant advantages over existing Bluetooth printing methods, including enhanced status and control capabilities. For instance, a client device can now receive notifications from the printer and reset it. Using HCRP, a Bluetooth printing device can emulate the same functionality as a printer that is directly connected to the bi-directional parallel port of a PC.

The TROY Wireless HCRP implementation includes all of the mandatory and optional features of the specification, except for scanner support. The final V1.0 specification is expected to be released in the near future with minimal changes. For existing WindConnect users, the firmware with HCRP is available for free download at the TROY Web site. HCRP will also be incorporated as a standard feature in all future TROY printer-related Bluetooth products.

Troy Group, Inc.
2331 South Pullman St., Santa Ana, CA 92705; (949) 250-3280, FAX: (949) 250-8972, www.troygroup.com.

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