Electronic Design

HDCP GMSL Chipset Ensures Secure Transmissions

Maxim’s proprietary full-duplex control scheme handles all HDCP protocol transactions, eliminating the need for a separate CAN or LIN interface. The MAX9263 and MAX9265 serializers team with the MAX9264 deserializer to form a Gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) chipset that features high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) and creates a bidirectional digital-video link (HDCP-GMSL) for transmission of digital video and audio over a single dc-balanced twisted-pair or differential line. The chipset manages all HCDP protocol transactions, supports touch-screen communications, and eliminates the CAN/LIN bus for diagnostics. The MAX9263 and MAX9265 operate from a 1.8V core supply and the MAX9264 operates from a 3.3V supply. The devices provide a separate input supply for interfacing to 1.8V to 3.3V logic levels. The MAX9265 serializer features an LVDS system interface while the MAX9263 and MAX9264 have parallel interfaces. The MAX9263 and MAX9264 come in 10mm x 10mm, 64-pin TQFPs while the MAX9265 comes in a 7 mm x 7 mm, 48-pin TQFP. Prices start at $5.55 and $6.81 each/1,000, respectively. MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 998-8800.

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