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HEVC Mobile Set-Top Box Brings TV Everywhere Services Home

HEVC mobile set-top box features LTE technology, terrestrial broadcast and Android OS.

Technicolor and Qualcomm Technologies have collaborated to produce a new HEVC mobile set-top box, the SVELTE (Stimulating Video Experience over LTE), featuring LTE technology, terrestrial broadcast and Android OS. The new SVELTE portable media center will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, which includes seamless connectivity, rich TV viewing experiences and console-quality gaming. Materializing LTE as a service and delivering true 3play over the cellular network, the portable media center seeks to redefine the Smart TV concept by enabling a hub for entertainment with optimal platform performance, allowing for unicast content to compliment broadcast content. The Snapdragon chipsets feature LTE multiband support designed for seamless connections to some of the fastest networks around the globe, which provides users the ability to download and share large files, stream rich HD content and access TV Everywhere services on mobile devices over 4G LTE. The Snapdragon 600 processor's rich graphics and multimedia capabilities deliver the level of performance required for the latest apps, games and advanced user interfaces.


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