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High-Density Framers Match T1/T3 & E1/E3 Capacities

By employing a denser port architecture, 3.3V operation, and integrated hardware enhancements, the DS21Q4x, DS21FT4x, and DS21FF4x high-density framers can process more channels while using less power in less space. The framers are specifically designed to speed upward migration of T1 to T3 and E1 to E3 lines while preserving existing infrastructure. Framers are integrated circuits that provide synchronization, signaling, and other functionality for voice and data at T1 and E1 data transmission interfaces.The DS21Q4x combines four framers on a single chip. The 12- and 16-port independent framer devices use a MCM package architecture and the MCMs can combine to meet channel densities required in T1-to-T3 and E1-to-E3 multiplexing applications.


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