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High-Dynamic Range Driver Amp Suits Wireless Infrastructure Applications

With a broad frequency range, high linearity, low noise figure, and exceptional reliability, the M/A-COM MAAMSS0070 single-stage driver amplifier is well-suited for general-purpose use in wireless infrastructure. Applications include mobile basestation transceivers, cellular repeaters, WiMAX and WiBro customer premises equipment, and medical and test equipment. Usable bandwidth is 250 to 3800 MHz, and it is easily optimized for specific bands by using external matching components.

The MAAMSS0070 is fabricated in M/A-COM’s high-reliability GaAs metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MESFET) process. It features output P1dB levels of +22 dBm with a gain of 12 dB at 2140 MHz, while achieving high third-order intercept performance. All the amplifiers in this family are housed in lead-free, RoHS-compliant SOT-89 plastic packages. The MAAMSS0070 is available from stock at a price of $2.61 in quantities of 10,000. Datasheets and technical documents are available at

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