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High-End Chipset Integrates Clock Recovery/Generation Functions

The VSC8185 16:1 multiplexer and VSC8184 1:16 demultiplexer comprises a high-end, feature-rich chipset that operates over a continuous tuning range from 11.5 Gb/s to 12/5 Gb/s, supporting high-gain forward error correction (FEC) operations. The chipset enables telecomm equipment providers to serialize and de-serialize high-gain FEC data streams for ultra-long haul and long haul DWDM applications.
It it claimed as the first 12.5 Gb/s mux and demux solution to integrate both clock recovery and multiplication functions. The devices operate on a single 3.3V power supply and dissipate less than 3.5W of power for the total chipset. The chips are available in a modified 90-ball, BGA package built on a copper heat spreader for high-thermal cycling reliability. Samples are available with production slated for early Q3 of this year. Pricing is $695 each/100.


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